Start-of-year Completion and Goal Setting Workshop

Monday January 7th, 18:30 - 20:30 @ Impact Hub Zürich Viadukt (Tickets: CHF 45, 65, 95)

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Discover how to land this year and launch powerfully into 2019

Completion, Contemplation, and Commitment...

Few of us take the time to assess our past, plan our future and celebrate our accomplishments to date. Let's spend that time so we can have a sense of satisfaction, go into the holidays relaxed and calm, and be inspired about returning and getting started on our vision of what is next.

Don't go into 2019 without a plan!

What we will cover...

  • What worked and what was missing in 2018

  • Top five complaints about the year

  • 3-5 things you learned in 2018

  • Sharing and celebrating your wins for 2018

  • Getting complete with 2018

  • Planning and preparing for the holidays in a way that is balanced, healthy and works for YOU

  • Bold vision for the new year

  • Unwinnable and impossible games. What's the difference?

  • Getting support, resources and accountability so that this is your best year yet

  • Appreciation

  • Feedback

Results to be expected:

  • Empowerment

  • Calm

  • Being seen, heard, known and understood

  • Passion

  • Enthusiasm

  • Wisdom

  • Vision

  • Liberation

  • Clarity

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Support

  • Completion

  • Awareness

  • Action plan (both personal and professional)

Both free and paid workshops are available in november and december: check the schedule below.

With the paid workshop on December 4th, I am including the possibility of quarterly follow-up accountability phone calls with me throughout 2019 to help you to keep on track with your goals!

What previous attendees are saying

I attended David’s “Are You Ready for 2018?” workshop and learned strong skills that guided me to completing 2017 with a strong landing and allowed me to achieve in 2018 each objective I set during the workshop. David’s strong attention to detail, empathic approach, and steady guidance helped me yield these life-changing results. I would recommend this workshop to anyone as a personal or professional goal-setting framework to support positive decision-making on future plans as well as timelines to chart the course and empower you to obtain them.
— Shaun McMillan
“The workshop provided the opportunity to stop and appreciate just how much I had achieved and experienced over the year, and to get present to the areas I wanted to transform.

It was powerful sitting down with others and creating the future I wanted.
— Emma Wink, Student Uni Basel
The workshop made me realise how important it is to complete the year with dedication and clarity. David guided me through a process that is highly relevant to build the bridge into a successful new year
— Pascal Kienast:
I participated in the workshop in 2017. It was a fun and powerful experience that helped me to get complete in a number of areas and to move into the new year with clearer purpose. A year later I am still reaping the benefits from the goals I set during the workshop including, giving up smoking, committing to more time with the people I love, and creating a better work life balance. I would recommend the session to all, and am excited to see the updated version this year.

Following the session I also worked through the exercises with friends and family over the holidays and this was an enriching experience of real benefit to my whole community.
— Dr Govinda Clayton. ETH Zürich
David’s workshop gave me the opportunity to reflect on the past year and look out into the next one. David created an atmosphere of trust and confidence. He asked the right questions to guide me through the experience. It was really helpful to take this short time out to define my intentions and start out in the right directions.
— Udo Sollberger
Well run and focused workshop on the finishing the new year. David is respectful and friendly, while offering alternative thoughts and keeping the objective in mind.
— Cedric