Success Stories

Clients tell the story best. I have had the pleasure to coach a number of incredible people.

Here's what they have to say...

I found David’s coaching very valuable in many ways. He helped me prioritize what was important in my personal life and professionally, thus my personal and professional goals have never been clearer.

 David is a phenomenal listener and his ability to not only ask questions but ask the right questions helped me to recognize my strong points and how to tackle my weaknesses. I can honestly say that David is a genuine person, who really knows how to bring out everything good that you are capable of.

David’s insights and weekly action items gave me a sense of direction. They brought me to the next level by acknowledging things that I was not conscious of and primarily expanded my comfort zone.

I can easily see positive and effective improvements in areas such as time management, efficient communication concentrated on outcomes, being more focused and productive, as well as enhancements in my general well-being. Moreover, David taught me the importance of balance between work and personal life and how to set appropriate boundaries to achieve it.

David is a firm believer in his clients. He efficiently identifies your obstacles and effectively overcomes them so you can achieve desired, successful outcomes. His coaching, tools and techniques, effective and candid questions will further help you tackle small, yet critical tasks. I highly recommend David’s coaching to anyone looking to gain focus and attain help in successfully accomplishing their personal and/or professional goals.
— Jola B.
Being interested in many things is not always easy for a structured approach to your dream job. David helped me to unlock my true purpose/greatness and taking courageous steps in this direction.
— Anna S.
Anna Schlei.jpg
David helped me to find focus in a broad field of my studies and interests. This was extremely important for me, as I don’t have a lot of working experience and I also have a wide variety of interests. By using different techniques, we narrowed down the diapason of jobs, and helped me discover the most interesting ones. As a result, I got rid of frustration caused by constantly disturbing questions like “where to go?” and “what to do?” Order in the head makes things easier!

Along the way, David helped me also to learn more about myself. Being able to know and understand my background and its influence on my way of thinking, allowed me to see myself from a completely different perspective. Great experience, thank you!
— Sasha S.
David has been a blessing in disguise for me. I have been trying to figure out my next career move and was looking at all sorts of avenues to help me decide. When David mentioned to me that he is looking for clients for his new coaching venture, I decided to give it a go. David was fantastic. He is patient, a great listener (which I believe is very important for a coach), methodical and has a wide array of tools at his disposal for different situations. He made me realize that one doesn’t really have to make compromises in order to achieve one’s goals. I saw things much more clearly after the coaching sessions. We identified some key hurdles that were hindering my progress and jotted down an action plan for clearing the roadblocks. David takes a no-nonsense approach to coaching and his sessions are very effective and efficient. I highly recommend David as a coach and wish him great success in his future.
— Aanjhan
I met David the very first day I moved to Switzerland. Even though I wasn’t very familiar at that point with the art of coaching and its benefits, when he mentioned his profession, I was immediately intrigued and started the coaching sessions. David is a great listener, patient and has a wide range of methods and techniques. Not only did he guide me professionally but also helped my personal growth. David made an impact on me at my beginning in Zürich. I highly recommend him as a coach!
— Ioanna D.
Working with David, helped me to have a clearer vision about myself, my goals and how to achieve them. In a very practical way, it speeds up the process and I feel moving forward, for that I´m very grateful.
— Nathalie G.
David’s end-of-year workshop provided the opportunity to stop and appreciate just how much I had achieved and experienced over the year, and to get present to the areas I wanted to transform.

It was powerful sitting down with others and creating the future I wanted.
— Emma W.
David gives with his time and attention something valuable that is very much needed nowadays; the “me-time”, when you can concentrate on yourself. He is not only listening to you but asking the right and sometimes provoking questions, which helps you to move forward and get out of a life situation that you might have been stuck in.

At first I thought I don’t need a coach, but he proved me during our first session that I can use some coaching by realising that maybe I don’t know so well what I really want.

With the help of his questions you see things from different angles and start thinking, what your real goals are and how you can achieve them. He also gives you practical advices and tools how to find your path or come up with the solution in a situation where you are stuck.

Every time I had a session, I had a really good feeling and a feeling that I made the next step on my way towards a more content life. His sessions were truly inspiring. My biggest priority was to find a job, which I did right after our last session and now I know how to continue to make the next steps towards a life which I want to live.
— Zsofia M.
I attended David’s “Are You Ready for 2018” workshop and learned strong skills that guided me to completing 2017 with a strong landing and allowed me to achieve in 2018 each objective I set during the workshop. David’s strong attention to detail, empathic approach, and steady guidance helped me yield these life-changing results. I would recommend this workshop to anyone as a personal or professional goal-setting framework to support positive decision-making on future plans as well as timelines to chart the course and empower you to obtain them.
— Shaun McMillan
I participated in David’s “ending the year” workshop in 2017. The workshop was a fun and powerful experience that really helped me to complete on a number of issues and move forward into the new year with clearer purpose. A year later I can still see the benefits of the actions I took following the workshop, including, giving up smoking, committing to more time with the people I love, and creating a better work life balance. I would recommend the session to all, and am excited to see the updated version this year.

Following the session I also worked through the exercises with some friends and family over the Xmas vacation. This was an enriching experience of real benefit to my whole community.
— Govinda Clayton