Ontological Coaching

Ontological coaching is about discovering the context of a client’s experience to understand who they are being-in-the-world and the ways in which it limits what is possible for the client. The client’s default context or automatic way of being defines their perceptions and actions in each moment and these determine the structure and outcomes that the client experiences. Context is defined in the language of culture, upbringing, experiences, and emotional patterns of our lives. It is the lens through which we see the world and defines how we react to and interact with the world around us.

Ontological Coaching helps clients become aware of their current way of being and identifies the limitations this creates in the client’s life. Ontological Coaching aims to shift this context through new actions toward a vision; generating a new way of being where anything envisioned becomes possible. Ontological coaching is about shifting clients to a new way of being by generating insights and putting them into action.

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Time management, procrastination, overwhelm, and busy-ness are common issues raised by clients. I help clients develop insights into their relationship with time and work. I provide strategies and tools to manage time instead of being controlled by time. What is your biggest challenge around time management?

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Your relationship to money is often an indicator of your relationship to value in general and sometimes correlates with how you value yourself. We discover this relationship to money and where it comes from using specific coaching tools and methods. This enables you to develop valuable insights which then helps you move into better ways of making and managing money. 

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Your romantic relationships rely upon trust, communication, compassion, and caring engagement. What most of us know about love is based on the example set by our parents. Adult love often reflects patterns of family structures created during childhood. Coaching allows access to new love, intimacy, and closeness; deepening existing relationships and allowing new ones to develop more naturally.